Supplier Quality Requirements- QFM-012

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Supplier Quality Requirements – QFM-012 – General

The following clauses apply to all Purchase Orders, as applicable

Q01 Required Delivery Dates

The required date on the purchase order is the due date. Contact Pinson Valley Heat Treat if the due date cannot be met.

Q02 Access to Seller’s Facility

Pinson Valley Heat Treating reserves the right to inspect any or all work under this Purchase Order at

Seller’s facility. Seller shall be notified on the Purchase Order if Pinson Valley Heat Treating source inspection is required. Unless otherwise notified, no shipments are to be held for source inspection.

Q03 Subcontracted Work

Seller shall flow down all requirements specified on this Purchase Order to the seller’s supplier(s)/subcontractor(s), including any statutory or regulatory requirements. Supplier shall apply appropriate controls to seller’s suppliers/subcontractors in order to ensure requirements are met.

Q05 Certification of Conformance

Each shipment must include a Certificate of Conformance signed by an authorized representative of the Seller; the name and title of the signatories must be typed on the certification.

Q06 Test Reports

As applicable, each shipment shall include actual product inspection and test results.

Q07 Supplier Notification of Nonconforming Products

All Suppliers / Vendors are required to notify Pinson Valley Heat Treat of any nonconformities and process changes, including changes of suppliers and/or changes of a manufacturing facility location. Pinson Valley Heat Treat must approve disposition of all Non Conformities and process changes.

Q08 Shelf Life Controlled Material

The Seller shall identify each item, container or package with the Date of Manufacture and Date of Expiration and applicable Storage and Handling requirements. Seller shall only ship materials retaining 90% of their effective shelf life.

Q09 Records

The Seller shall maintain accurate inspection and test records subject to review by Pinson Valley Heat Treating and/or Customer and/or Government representatives. Records not provided with shipment shall be retained for 10 years.

Q10 Supplier Notification of Change in QMS Status

Supplier shall notify Pinson Valley Heat Treating immediately if the seller’s 3rd party accreditation for their QMS (i.e. AS9100, ISO9001, etc.) is revoked or not renewed.

Q11 Supplier Awareness

Supplier is required to be aware of their contributions to product safety and product or service conformity

Q12 Supplier Ethical Behavior

Pinson Valley Heat Treating considers ethical behavior one of its core areas of focus, and it is embodied in how we conduct our activities within and outside of our organization. As an extension of our organization, the expectations we have for our suppliers is one that mirrors the standards set for our own employees. Supplier Quality Requirements

QFM-012 – Rev B

Supplier Quality Requirements – Special

The following requirements apply when specifically called out on the Purchase order.

Q20 PVHT or Customer Inspection

Prior to shipment, Inspection and acceptance of product furnished under this order is required at the Seller’s facility by a Quality Assurance Representative of Pinson Valley Heat Treating. Evidence of such inspection and acceptance shall be the application of the Inspector’s signature on the packing slip.

Q21 Special Processes

When Special Processes are required under the scope of this Purchase Order, the Seller shall utilize only processors approved by Pinson Valley Heat Treating and/or its customer. Contact Pinson Valley Heat Treating Quality Department to verify approval status. Special Processes include but are not limited to: Welding, Heat Treat, Plating, Anodizing and Non-Destructive Testing.

Q22 First Article Inspection

Concurrent with the first production delivery, Seller shall submit the first article product(s) together with documents and data representing results of the Seller’s First Article Inspection/Test per AS9102, showing actual dimensions or values of each product characteristic and evidence of compliance to applicable drawing notes. The First Article product(s) shall be clearly identified by tagging or other positive method.

Q23 Calibrations

All calibrations must be traceable to the N.I.S.T. and/or other international standards. The methods used for calibrations shall meet the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. Calibration certifications shall state the serial number of the item, the range of use for each item certified, the allowable tolerance for the item under calibration, any out of tolerance conditions found, any adjustments made and the minimum calibration frequency required. A calibration sticker shall be affixed to the item calibrated. All calibration stickers shall have the item serial number, calibration due date, and shall be filled out using indelible ink

Q24 Counterfeit Parts

The supplier will prevent the use of counterfeit parts.


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