Services for customers with weldments or parts large or small needing stress relieve, annealing, normalizing, water/polymer quenching


Machining Costs

Stress relieving parts can reduce costs and save thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

  • Machining time
  • Labor time – less handling / turning
  • Eliminate flame hardened edges
  • Reduce movement in machining
  • Increase tool life

“I tried saving money by not having some 1045 wear rings stress relieved and will never do it again. We struggled with them trying to keep them flat and take as little stock off as possible. They moved a lot and cost us days on the job.”

– Lon Watson (Watson Machine – Birmingham, AL)

Why use Pinson Valley Heat Treating?

Our dedicated professionals with over 100 years of combined experience will handle your parts with quality work, quick service, at a fair price. PVHT is AS9100D registered.

Pinson Valley Heat Treating Co. was founded on stress relieving large weldments to small castings in 1970. Stress relieving is a necessity that can save time, tooling, labor hours and give your customer a highers quality product and give your company more to the bottom line.

  • Accurate weights
  • I.D. parts
  • Check for venting
  • Carefully loading and placing parts
  • Build up / blocking to help prevent distortion
  • Parts placed and separated for uniform heating into each part

Did you know?

We measure temperature with multiple thermocouples placed in direct contact with your parts. Unlike a probe that only measures air temperature in one location, our multi-thermocouple method measures the part’s temperature throughout the load on thick and thin sections.

Slow up rates and down rates with adequate hold times are key to a successful stress relieve of steel parts. AWS and ASME code requires that these rates are within their guidelines to meet these specifications. See our AWS and ASME codes.

Our policy is to ensure quality in every heat. Our instruments are calibrated monthly, and certified wire is used to the NIST standard.

“We have customers that have their specific tolerances to meet with machining their parts. We include stress relieving in the price because these tolerances can’t be guaranteed without the stress relieve process.”

“I remember a big job that stress relieving was cut out. It was a big vessel with a lot of machining that went to a steel mill. It was put on a rail car and cracked in route to the mill. It was unsalvageable and scrapped. It costs lots of time and money.”

– Simmes Bevill (Steward Machine Co. – Birmingham, AL)


  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum


  • Anneal
  • Normalize
  • Solution Treat
  • Polymer/Water Quench – Temper


  • Lifting capacity up to 40 tons – (heavier parts may be lifted through an outside source)
  • Furnaces up to 48 ft.