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Our Story


Pinson Valley Heat Treating Co., Inc. is a family-owned commercial heat-treating company located just north of Birmingham, Alabama. PVHT has been processing large and small fabricated and/or cast parts for customers throughout Alabama and the southeast since 1970.

Read the letter written by our CEO to commemorate our fiftieth anniversary!

Our Story


PVHT offers services for customers with weldments or parts, large or small, needing stress relief, annealing, normalizing, and/or water/polymer quenching. Read More


PVHT offers processes for tool steel and stainless steel parts, that need hardening in vacuum atmospheres. Read More


PVHT has an oil quench/carburize or air quench hardening department for parts processed in endothermic atmosphere furnaces up to 72” long. Read More


PVHT has drop bottom furnaces for higher quality Aerospace and Automotive specs and can treat and age in water and a polymer quench medium. Read More

Quality & Testing

PVHT Quality Department offers several specialized testing methods, to meet customer and client's specifications. Read More


PVHT can tumble blasting parts of up to 400 lbs in a rubber or mesh belt. We also have a new spinner hanger blaster for aluminum parts. Read More

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Pinson Valley Heat Treating Co. has been servicing the fabricating, machining, forging, and casting industries as well as other similar customers around the southeast since 1970. The employees at PVHT are dedicated to Quality Work, Quick Service, at a Fair Price. If you have a question or have something we can be of service, please give us a call Monday thru Friday 7:30 am-4:00 pm

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